July 2023 Cradle-to-Career Newsletter

We’ve Got a New Look!

After months of feedback and numerous rounds of revisions, the California Cradle-to-Career Data System is pleased to share the official C2C logo with you today.

Leaning into C2C’s user-centered design process, we presented potential branding and solicited feedback from YOU, members of the public, both in real-time conversations and via survey. We also engaged our Community Engagement Advisory Board and Governing Board, and in partnership with the talented Collaborative Communications, synthesized input and iterated images based on stakeholder feedback to finalize a logo that visually communicates C2C’s work and goals.

The Cradle-to-Career logo is colorful and dynamic, exemplifying the state of California. The stylized double Cs of “Cradle-to-Career” represent bar charts, embracing C2C’s focus on data. And the logo creates a sense of movement, illustrating the journey from Cradle to Career.

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Frequently Asked Questions: C2C Data Points

Curiosity, collaboration, and transparency are values central to C2C’s work, and we know conversations in the community are as much about clarifying questions as they are about sharing information.

Through our engagement with members of the public, we heard there is interest in learning more about which data points are included in the data system and why, so we’ve written an easy-to-read blog featuring responses to frequently asked questions Cradle-to-Career receives about P20W data points.

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Recap  The Cradle-to-Career Advisory Board Selection Process

As part of Cradle-to-Career’s Governance process, Community Engagement and Data and Tools Advisory Board members serve three-year terms, with the initial appointment term staggered such that one-third of the positions expire each year. With eleven members cycling off in 2023, we sought new C2C Advisory Board members to help shape the data system, launching the official application in May.

We received an astonishing number of applications (118 applicants for 11 available slots, up from 90 applications in 2022 for 32 slots), and our Advisory Board Selection Ad Hoc Committee met in late Junewith the tough task of deliberating and slating candidates for approval by the Governing Board at the August 9 Governing Board Meeting. Once approved, candidates will be invited to be seated as Advisory Board members. In total, six candidates and alternates will be selected for the Community Engagement Advisory Board, and five candidates plus alternates will be selected for the Data and Tools Advisory Board.

If you are a candidate and would like to submit a letter of support, please email info@c2c.ca.gov by Tuesday, July 25, 2023. Please include the candidate’s name and the Advisory Board that is being applied to in the email subject line. 

Watch the Advisory Board Selection Ad Hoc Committee Meeting

Upcoming Events

  • August 9, 2023 – C2C Governing Board Meeting

Visit c2c.ca.gov/board-meetings/ to learn more