Learn About the Tools

The Cradle-to-Career System will include several different tools that
provide the information that is most useful for
different types of people.

Tools Available Now

College Planning and Application Tools

The Cradle-to-Career System will leverage CaliforniaColleges.edu, an existing statewide service that provides college planning and application tools.

For K-12 students, parents, educators, and school districts

The Cradle-to-Career System will provide tools for students, educators, policymakers, researchers, and advocates. These tools are powered by students’ transcript data and help create smoother transitions to higher education by:

      • Streamlining the college and financial aid application process
      • Monitoring progress toward meeting “a-g” requirements
      • Providing higher education systems with data needed to inform admissions, first-year academic placement, guidance, and financial aid

Send College Transcripts

The Cradle-to-Career System will leverage eTranscript California, an existing statewide electronic transcript exchange.


For students

        • Send electronic transcripts when transferring to a different college in California

For colleges

        • Send and receive information needed to help transfer students enroll

Tools Coming in 2022-2023

Dashboards With Answers to Common Questions

For community members, administrators and policymakers

Our data tools will start with easy-to-use visuals of key education outcomes for individuals from early childhood education through K-12, postsecondary education, and the workforce, such as:

      • Which colleges do K-12 students apply to, get accepted to, enroll, and graduate from?
      • How many students are eligible for financial aid but do not apply?
      • Which students are most likely to earn a living wage, and how does that relate to their education pathway?

Build Your Own Table

For researchers and advocates

Along with the prepared visuals, users will be able to create their own data tables using 200 variables. For example, they could see if students are more likely to go to college based on:

      • The suspension rate where they went to school
      • If they got social services, such as food and medical care
      • When they learned to speak English

Request Access to Data

For researchers

Request access to the information needed to conduct complex analyses and evaluate programs

New Features for e-Transcript California

For students

      • Share information about their credentials, badges, and certifications
      • Find out if they are eligible for support services such as food assistance and free medical care

For colleges

      • Use information on prior learning for competency-based education
      • Help students get supports that can help them stay in college

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