Data and Tools Advisory Board Application

Thank you for your interest in serving on the Data and Tools Advisory Board for the Cradle-to-Career (C2C) Governing Board. Please complete and submit this questionnaire as part of the application and selection process. C2C will use this information to review your application and possible selection as a representative on the Advisory Board. Please ensure the information you provide is complete and accurate. Your name, organizational affiliation, and statement of qualifications will be shared in a public meeting.


The responsibility of the Data and Tools Advisory Board is to examine whether the data system is providing actionable information and identifying ways to improve access to that information.[1]

Membership and Terms

The Data and Tools Advisory Board members shall consist of 16 public members, appointed by the Governing Board. The Data and Tools Advisory Board members will consist of end users of the data including practitioners, families, students, adult learners and workers, community organization staff, research organization staff, and advocacy organization staff.

Data and Tools Advisory Board members serve three year terms.

Representatives of specific institutions serve no more than one consecutive term and can only have one seat on the Data and Tools Advisory Board at a time.

Advisory Board members must be California residents[2] and shall be subject to the requirements of the California Political Reform Act, including the C2C’s Conflict of Interest Policy, and Form 700 filing requirement.


Member Expectations and Responsibilities

All members of the Data and Tools Advisory Board are expected to attend meetings and advocate for the Cradle-to-Career System with key stakeholders.

Through feedback provided in meetings, the Data and Tools Advisory Board members will provide suggestions to the Governing Board and the Office, including, but not limited to:

Each year, the Data and Tools Advisory Board will also review all prior data requests from the researcher data request process to facilitate the continuous improvement of the data request process and ensure that it is clear, transparent, fair, and efficient, including identifying mechanisms that would enable appropriate data requests to be fulfilled.

When there are significant gaps regarding whether the data system is providing access to actionable information, the Data and Tools Advisory Board may develop recommendations for the Governing Board on which tools to provide or which data points to include in centralized data sets.

At the fall Advisory Board meeting, Advisory Board members may bring forward proposals for ways to address the significant gap.

At the spring Advisory Board meeting, the Office of Cradle-to-Career Data (the Office) will present on the feasibility studies. The Advisory Board will discuss the findings, amend the proposal if needed, and then vote on whether the proposal should be advanced to the Governing Board as a recommendation. The same voting protocol will be used as in the decision to implement a feasibility study.

Members will be required to:


Advisory Board members will be selected to ensure a broad representation of perspectives and expertise that will inform the resources developed by C2C. Specific desired characteristics include:

[1] Education Code Section 10865(b)(1)(A).

[2] Government Code Section 1062.


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