Data System Privacy

About Data Privacy

Data can be a powerful tool for students, families, and lawmakers when used correctly and with the necessary security and privacy practices in place.

Although data can be used to facilitate change and improvement, there is a need to balance the usefulness of this data with the privacy of the individuals represented by the data.

For more information on who uses student data, see the Data Quality Campaign’s infographic here.

The California Cradle-to-Career Data System (C2C) and Data Privacy

The purpose of C2C is to ensure citizens and families have equitable access to data to make informed decisions about their education and careers and ensure lawmakers and researchers have the information they need to inform policies and practices.

C2C is committed to protecting confidential records of all Californians. The Office of Cradle-to-Career Data does not collect data from students or families. It links and enables the public to gain insights from data that has already been collected and validated by its data partners.

C2C’s privacy policies and procedures follow state and federal laws such as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Its data access and security protocols follow strict federal and state of California standards and best practice technology protocols. 

C2C is committed to transparency in its data collections, storage, and disclosure policies and practices.

FAQ: C2C’s Data Privacy

State and Federal Laws on Data Privacy


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