Governing Board

The Governing Board will include representatives from data providers, policymakers, and the community. The Governing Board balances expertise in K-12, postsecondary, social services, workforce, as well as government and public perspectives.

The Governing Board is tied to Data and Tools and the Community Engagement Advisory Boards.

Executive Director

In December 2021, the Governing Board selected Mary Ann Bates to serve as the Executive Director for the Office of Cradle-to-Career Data. See the press release announcing her appointment.

Advisory Boards

Two advisory boards will provide opportunities for data users to help improve the Cradle-to-Career System.

The Data & Tools Advisory Board will help ensure that the data tools provide actionable information.

The Community Engagement Advisory Board will create strong feedback loops with data users to support evidence-based decision making, analytical capacity, and equitable access to actionable information.

Advisory board members will be appointed by the Governing Board and include people who use the Cradle-to-Career System, including practitioners, families, students, adult learners and workers, community organization staff, research organization staff, and advocacy organization staff.

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