Coming 2024

The California Cradle-to-Career Data System’s long-awaited analytical dashboards are being designed to paint a holistic picture through data stories.

Data stories will feature C2C’s linked data set to provide critical information to identify trends in education and workforce outcomes and help the public better understand and address important topics. Each data story will feature a series of data dashboards focused on a specific topic, such as Teacher Training and Retention or Student Pathways, and companion materials to facilitate data literacy for all users.

  • Data Dashboards
  • Interactive tutorials and videos
  • Informational one-pagers
  • Neutral guides by personas
  • Learning agendas

About C2C’s data dashboards

A key component of our data stories, Cradle-to-Career’s data dashboards will link data across sectors and provide insights previously unavailable. Students, families, and lawmakers will be able to answer questions such as:

  • Where do young people in my county go after high school?
  • Are they getting the preparation they need to land and keep jobs with living wages?
  • What do those trajectories look like when the data is broken down by race, gender, or geography?

Learn about our research methodology and data integrity.

Looking to do more with this data? Build your own table.

All of the student data we use in our stories is anonymous. Student personal information is never collected or displayed on C2C. Learn about student data safety and privacy.

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