Cradle-to-Career Awards Contract for System Integrator

C2C Staff | December 1, 2022

We are pleased to announce that the California Cradle-to-Career Data System has completed the Project Approval Lifecycle (PAL) process for a System Integrator, and has awarded a contract to Silicon Valley Consulting Group (SVCG).

“Executive Director Mary Ann Bates and her team continue to make great progress advancing the mission of Cradle to Career. This is just the latest step that will bring better outcomes for students in California,”

affirmed Amy Tong, Secretary of the Government Operations Agency.

Cradle-to-Career is proud to partner with SVCG, an organization with a proven track record with projects of similar size and scope to build a secure, efficient, and centralized data system. “Silicon Valley Consulting Group is excited to be partnering with the State of California and C2C, to design, build, and deploy a modern Cradle-to-Career data system,” notes Jai Sharma, founder of SVCG. “It is our honor to partner with Cradle-to-Career to build capabilities that will enable actionable data and insights to build a more equitable future for all students.”

The System Integrator will assist the Cradle-to-Career Data System with the implementation, planning, coordination, and testing of the system, and will be responsible for integrating and configuring data, and securing data originating from C2C’s data providers.

“The way that Cradle-to-Career approached this procurement, employing best-of-breed technology, will establish a nimble and adaptable approach that will ensure the Cradle-to-Career Data System is at the forefront of available technology and security,”

confirms Cradle-to-Career Board Chair Amy Fong.

“Cradle-to-Career has worked expeditiously for the people of California, and the C2C Board is excited and impressed by this project’s momentum, completing the PAL process in less than a year.”

For more information, including the Scope of Work, please see the public procurement documents available at Cal eProcure.

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