Data Elements by Provider

The Cradle-to-Career System will connect individuals and organizations with trusted information and resources. It will provide insights into critical milestones in the pipeline from early care to K–12 to higher education, skills training, and employment. It will empower individuals to reach their full potential and foster evidence-based decision-making to help California build a more equitable future.

This page shows the list of “P20W” data points that are planned for the deidentified, linked C2C analytical dataset, which is the foundation for the C2C system’s data dashboards, query builder, and research request tool.

Early Education Experiences

  • Early learning and care entry age (CDE [ELC])
  • Early learning and care duration of enrollment (CDE [ELC])
  • Early learning and care half day status (CDE [ELC])
  • Early Learning and Care Desired Results Developmental Profile Scores (kindergarten readiness) (CDE [ELC])

K-12 Experiences

  • Institution attended (CDE [K12])
  • Participated in a Transitional Kindergarten Program (CDE [K12])
  • K-12 grade level (CDE [K12])
  • K-12 chronically absent (CDE [K12])
  • K-12 expected days of attendance (CDE [K12])
  • K-12 actual days of attendance (CDE [K12])
  • Third grade assessment level – ELA (CDE [K12])
  • Third grade assessment level – math (CDE [K12])
  • Fifth grade assessment level – ELA (CDE [K12])
  • Fifth grade assessment level – math (CDE [K12])
  • Eighth grade assessment level – ELA (CDE [K12])
  • Eighth grade assessment level – math (CDE [K12])
  • Eleventh grade assessment level – ELA (CDE [K12])
  • Eleventh grade assessment level – math (CDE [K12])
  • Elementary science assessment score (CDE [K12])
  • Middle school science assessment score (CDE [K12])
  • High school science assessment score (CDE [K12])
  • English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (CDE [K12])
  • Sixth grade math course (CDE [K12])
  • Eighth grade math course (CDE [K12])
  • Ninth grade math course (CDE [K12])
  • Number of math courses completed in high school (CDE [K12])
  • Highest K-12 math course completed (CDE [K12])
  • Completed a K-12 Advancement Via Individual Determination course (CDE [K12])
  • Completed a K-12 Advanced Placement Course (CDE [K12])
  • Completed a K-12 International Baccalaureate Course (CDE [K12])
  • Completed a K-12 career and technical education course (CDE [K12])
  • Completed a K-12 career and technical education pathway (CDE [K12])
  • K-12 career and technical education concentrator (CDE [K12])
  • K-12 career and technical education pathway (CDE [K12])
  • Completed a K-12 work based learning program (CDE [K12])
  • Completed a K-12 distance learning course (CDE [K12])
  • Met a-g course eligibility requirements (CDE [K12])
  • Completed a college course while in high school (CDE [K12])
  • Completed a leadership/military science course (CDE [K12])
  • Earned the State Seal of Biliteracy (CDE [K12])
  • ACT English score (CDE [K12])
  • ACT math score (CDE [K12])
  • ACT reading score (CDE [K12])
  • ACT science score (CDE [K12])
  • SAT reading and writing score (CDE [K12])
  • SAT math score (CDE [K12])
  • Advanced Placement score (CDE [K12])
  • International Baccalaureate score (CDE [K12])
  • K-12 individual College and Career Indicator level (CDE [K12])
  • Completed high school (CDE [K12])

Postsecondary Experiences

  • Applied to college (CCC, CSU, UC, Independents)
  • Application term (CCC, CSU, UC, Independents)
  • Admitted to college (CSU, UC, Independents)
  • Enrolled in college (CCC, CSU, UC, BPPE, Independents)
  • Enrolled in college from out-of-state (CCC, CSU, UC, Independents)
  • Term of enrollment (CCC, CSU, UC, Independents)
  • Institution attended (CCC, CSU, UC, BPPE, Independents)
  • Type of first time enrollment (CCC, CSU, UC, Independents)
  • Community college educational goal (CCC)
  • Retained from fall to spring in postsecondary (CCC, CSU, UC, Independents)
  • Number of units completed per year in postsecondary (CCC, CSU, UC, Independents)
  • Number of transferrable units completed per year at community college (CCC)
  • Enrolled in a community college basic skills English course (CCC)
  • Enrolled in a community college basic skills math course (CCC)
  • Completed transfer-level English in first year of community college (CCC)
  • Completed transfer-level math in first year of community college (CCC)
  • Enrolled in a community college ESL course (CCC)
  • Subject matter of ESL course in community college (CCC)
  • Postsecondary part time enrollment status (CCC, CSU, UC, Independents)
  • Completed a postsecondary distance education course (CCC, CSU, UC, Independents)
  • Returned for second year in postsecondary (CCC, CSU, UC, Independents)
  • Declared two-year major (CCC)
  • Declared four-year major (CSU, UC, BPPE, Independents)
  • Transfer preparation level (community colleges only) (CCC)
  • Applied to transfer to a four-year institution (community college students only) (CSU, UC, Independents)
  • Accepted for transfer to a four-year institution (community college students only) (CSU, UC, Independents)
  • Earned a postsecondary award (CCC, CSU, UC, BPPE, Independents)
  • Type of community college award (CCC)
  • Type of private college award (BPPE)
  • Type of four-year award (CSU, UC, BPPE, Independents)
  • Postsecondary award discipline (CCC, CSU, UC, BPPE, Independents)
  • Postsecondary graduate student status (CSU, UC, Independents)

Workforce Training Experiences

  • Participated in an apprenticeship program (DIR)
  • Retained in an apprenticeship program (DIR)
  • Earned apprenticeship journey status (DIR)

Postsecondary Financial Aid Experiences

  • Eligible for state financial aid (CSAC)
  • Applied for financial aid (CCC, Independents, CSAC)
  • Approved for state financial aid (CCC, Independents, CSAC)
  • Received financial aid (CCC, Independents, CSAC)
  • Amount of financial aid (CCC, Independents, CSAC)
  • Type of financial aid (CCC, Independents, CSAC)
  • Financial aid dependency status (CSAC)
  • Expected family contribution for all students who applied for aid (CSAC)
  • Expected family contribution for financial aid recipients (CSAC)
  • Income level (CSAC)
  • Amount of debt (CCC, BPPE, Independents)

Social Service Experiences

  • CalWORKs status (DSS)
  • CalFresh status (DSS)
  • Medi-Cal status (DHCS)

Employment Variables

  • Wage record (EDD)
  • Industry of employment (EDD)
  • High demand entry-level occupations (EDD)
  • High demand middle skills occupations (EDD)
  • High demand highly skilled occupations (EDD)
  • Salaries for high demand entry-level occupations (EDD)
  • Salaries for high demand middle skills occupations (EDD)
  • Salaries for high demand highly skilled occupations (EDD)

Student Characteristics

  • Race/ethnicity (CDE [ELC], CDE [K12], CCC, CSU, UC, Independents, CSAC, DHCS)
  • Sex/gender (CDE [ELC], CDE [K12], CCC, CSU, UC, Independents, CSAC, DHCS)
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) status (CCC, Independents, CSAC, DHCS)
  • Early learning and care family income level (CDE [ELC])
  • K-12 socioeconomically disadvantaged status (CDE [K12])
  • Parental education level (CDE [K12], CCC, CSU, UC, Independents, CSAC)
  • Homeless status (CDE [ELC], CDE [K12], CCC, Independents, CSAC, DHCS)
  • Foster youth (DHCS)
  • Child with a disability (includes IEP status) (CDE [ELC], CDE [K12], DHCS)
  • Postsecondary students receiving disability services (CCC, Independents, DHCS)
  • Childhood migrant education program participant (CDE [ELC], CDE [K12])
  • Military status (CCC, CSU, UC, Independents, CSAC)
  • Early learning and care primary language (CDE [ELC], DHCS)
  • Childhood English language learner (CDE [ELC], CDE [K12])

Teacher Credentials

  • Enrolled in a Teaching Credential Program (CSU)
  • Enrolled in an Administrator or Counselor Credential Program (CSU)
  • Credential Content Code (CSU)
  • Credential Program Type (CSU)
  • Title of Credential (e.g., Multiple Subject Teaching, Education Specialist) (CTC)
  • Type of Credential (e.g., Preliminary, Clear, Intern) (CTC)
  • Authorization (CTC)
  • Subject Area of Credential (CTC)
  • Means of Demonstrating Subject Matter Competence (CTC)
  • Status of Credential (Valid, Pending, Revoked) (CTC)
  • Credential Start Date (CTC)
  • Credential Expiry Date (CTC)
  • Category of Credential (e.g., First, Renewal, New Credential Type) (CTC)
  • Application Status (CTC)
  • Campus that Recommended Credential (CTC)
  • Race/Ethnicity (CTC)
  • Gender (CTC)

K-12 Institution


  • School identification code (CDE [K12])
  • School address (CDE [K12])
  • School Name (CDE [K12])
  • District Name (CDE [K12])
  • School Type (CDE [K12])
  • District Type (CDE [K12])
  • Charter Status (CDE [K12])
  • All-online status (CDE [K12])
  • Kindergarten offerings (CDE [K12])
  • School suspension rate (CDE [K12])
  • LEA Four-year adjusted cohort graduation rate (CDE [K12])
  • Average class size by grade (CDE [K12])
  • Proportion of graduates meeting College/Career Indicator requirements (CDE [K12], EDD)
  • Pre-K offered (CDE [ELC], DSS)

Postsecondary Institutions

  • Postsecondary identification code (CCC, CSU, UC, Independents)
  • Postsecondary address (CCC, CSU, UC, BPPE, Independents)
  • Postsecondary name (CCC, CSU, UC, BPPE, Independents)
  • Community college district (CCC)
  • Enrollment characteristics at postsecondary institutions (CCC, CSU, UC, Independents)
  • Institution participates in a College Promise program (CCC, CSU, Independents)

Additional Resources

Data Elements by Provider [PDF]

Provider Abbreviations
BPPE – Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education
CCC – California Community Colleges
CDE – California Department of Education
CSAC – California Student Aid Commission
CSU – California State University
CTC – Commission on Teacher Credentialing
DIR – Department of Industrial Relations
DHCS – California Department of Health Care Services
DSSDepartment of Social Services
EDD –  Employment Development Department

ELC – Early Learning and Care
Independents – Independent Institutions of Higher Education
UC – University of California