Data Governance

State law has defined a robust governance structure for C2C and ensures the public has representation. C2C is guided by a 21-member Governing Board which meets quarterly, and is responsible for making decisions that guide the Office in its work, including making decisions on data to be included in the data system. Half of the C2C Governing Board is represented by data providers and the other half is represented by appointees who represent the public users of the data system. 

C2C also has two 16-member Advisory Boards – the Data and Tools and Community Engagement and Advisory Boards. These Advisory Boards fully represent the public and provide proposals on the data that should be included in the system, along with recommendations on implementing accessible tools. 

C2C has clearly assigned responsibilities for oversight, implementation and monitoring of policies and processes that ensure data are only used or disclosed for proper purposes at every level of the system.

Who ensures data safeguards?

C2C Governing Board members, the Office of C2C, including our Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), ensure the data is safeguarded. CISO representatives from each data provider also provide expertise and advice on data ingestion, maintenance, and security. Additionally, C2C has comprehensive and iterative data validation processes with each data provider to ensure ongoing improvements in interoperability and data quality.

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