Community Guidelines

Community engagement and transparency are key components of Cradle-to-Career’s work.

As we employ a user-centered design process, we have the unique opportunity to build the Cradle-to-Career community we all want. We collaborated with members of the public to draft clear and shared expectations of how we will engage with one another.

Below are Cradle-to-Career’s Community Guidelines:

• Approach with a beginner’s mind
We are all learning together.
• Share your knowledge
No one knows everything, but together we know a lot.
• Avoid jargon and acronyms
Use inclusive language that is accessible for people with varying inside knowledge.
Be Curious, Open, and Respectful
Practice self-focus
Use “I statements” rather than generalizations and speak from your own perspective.
• Be aware of intent & impact
Be responsible for how you have affected others, regardless of intent.
• Assume positive intent
Offer and seek safe clarification if unsure.
• Take space/make space and provide adequate time for all input to be heard
If you are usually quiet challenge yourself to take more space, and if you usually talk a lot be mindful to leave room for quieter voices.
• Confidentiality – avoid speaking for others without explicit permission
Don’t share something communicated in a private or safe space.
• C2C will provide an update on key program objectives
We will aim to level set before diving into the broader discussion.
• C2C will keep a record of concerns and appreciations about the process from community members
We will be transparent about what has worked and what hasn’t.