Data Disclosure

In all cases, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy (FERPA) Act and other federal and state laws relevant to data security and privacy, guide whether, with whom, what and how we share confidential data. When these legal requirements permit disclosure, we release the least amount of information necessary, and we make sure recipients understand and agree to the legal requirements contained in state and federal law.

How is data shared with the public and lawmakers?

Formal agreements are established between C2C and all agencies providing data to C2C. C2C builds dashboards, query builders, and has a research request process with the linked data. C2C shares aggregated information about groups of people (not individual-level data) in its data tools. Our dashboard and query builders make it possible for students, families, and lawmakers to disaggregate the data and answer questions important to them. Once C2C’s tools are developed, people will be able to create tables with our query builder feature that display information for groups of people. They will also be able to answer questions by reading C2C’s dashboards and data stories.

How is data shared with researchers?

C2C plans to facilitate a research request process, where C2C’s data partners can review and approve access to deidentified data for specific proposed research projects. Data providers govern their own policies regarding data in accordance with state and federal laws around data privacy. It is ultimately C2C’s data providers’ responsibility to approve research requests. 

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