Institution Participates in a College Promise Program

Whether the institution waives some or all tuition and fees for some students


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Display Options

  • Participates in a College Promise program
  • Does not participate in a College Promise program
  • Not reported

Available Years

  • Early learning and care data: N/A
  • K-12 data: N/A
  • Postsecondary data: 2007-2008

Time Frame

  • School Year: July 1 – June 30


  • Display level selected (such as institution, region, statewide)

Data Providers

  • CCC – California Community Colleges

  • CSU – California State University

    The California State University is the nation's largest four-year public university system, providing transformational opportunities for upward mobility to more than 450,000 students from all socioeconomic backgrounds. More than half of CSU students are people of color, and nearly one-third of them are first-generation college students. The CSU powers California and the nation, sending nearly 127,000 career-ready graduates into the workforce each year.

  • Independents – Independent Institutions of Higher Education

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