Data System

The public can access aggregated information through the planned data tools on C2C’s website. Additionally, C2C is developing a data request process for researchers to request de-identified data from our data partners to conduct studies. C2C does not grant access to identifiable information from the C2C data system to anyone, including teachers, administrations, and researchers.

What can users of the data system see?

Users are only permitted to see aggregate data unless their role authorizes individual access and data sharing agreements and law permit access.

How does C2C approach system security?

C2C uses a secure cloud-based system leveraging a modern technology stack with backup and disaster recovery capability, and strict adherence to applicable federal, state, and industry standards and best practices.

In addition to deliberation with security representatives from each data provider, C2C has an independent verification and validation team to ensure an accurate assessment of system security.

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